The Future of Photography

Steven discusses the every-evolving world of photography, covering new and imminent hardware and software releases, predictions, trends, and crystal ball gazing.

Due to the nature of this talk it is difficult to predict its future contents. Before this talk is given Steven undertakes extensive research and updates his talk accordingly.

Previous topics include:

  • Hardware:
    • Modern mirrorless camera, pros & cons.
    • Potential decline of digital SLRs.
    • Social media posts using Bluetooth.
    • Mobile phones & their camera.
    • Refraction photography.
    • Drones.
    • Back button photography.
    • Cloud computing.
  • Software
    • Artificial intelligence.
    • Blockchain & the provenance of your photos.
  • Trends in photography, including:
    • Nature.
    • creative reality.
    • Touch and Tactility.
    • Travel.
    • “Keeping it Real”.
    • “Silence & Solitude”.
    • Wedding photography.
    • Commercial & fashion photography.
    • Mobile phones.
    • Street photography & photojournalism.
    • Stock photography.

COVID-19 UPDATE:  Steven is experienced in and happy to give talks and judge remotely using Zoom or any similar technology.

Please contact Steven at Talks@StevenGalvin.Photography for more details.