Since early 2017 Steven has been a photographic judge for the Chiltern Association of Cameras Clubs.  This entails Steven officiating at any of the forty clubs in the Chilterns area, and further afield.

Steven has been entering photography competitions since 2006 and he’s noted many different styles of judging of varying degrees of quality.  He’s seen judges who are positive, clear, and constructive, provide structured feedback, with consistent and accurate marking, and professional in their public speaking.  Unfortunately he’s also witnessed judging that has been inconsistent, negatively critical (especially to novices), and poor in terms of standing up in front of a club and delivering a quality judging performance.

Steven argues that there’s too much negativity in this world, where people get unfairly slated for all the good work they do.  He inspires photographers to take better photos and then process them into better quality images by giving them good quality advice using positive, clear, and structured feedback.  Steven marks images consistently with the scores they deserve.  He critique images sympathetically, hopefully without resorting to cliques like “a record shot”.

Steven volunteered to be a judge as he want to give something back to the sport / pastime / hobby / art form / obsession he loves so much.  He’s enthusiastic to inspire photographers to go out there and take more and better photos.

While judge remotely Steven views images on a BenQ 4K high quality photography monitor carefully re-calibrated before each session.

Steven discusses judging, both from a competitor’s point of view, and that of a judge, in his Judge, Jury, and Executioner talk.

Email Judging@StevenGalvin.Photography to discuss your judging needs.

COVID-19 UPDATE:  Steven is experienced in and happy to give talks and judge remotely using Zoom or any similar technology.