How to Cheat at Photography

This provocatively entitled talk allows Steven to confess his sordid kiss ‘n’ tell secrets.  He demonstrates various techniques on how to unfairly manipulate images by displaying and discussing examples to show how his more outrageous images were “manufactured”.

A lively and enjoyable evening to be had by all.  Rotten eggs and ripe tomatoes at the ready!

The talk is designed to be given in a 2 hour period with a 10 minute tea break, and has the following structure:

Before the breakAfter the break
  • Introduction – bio’, why do it, workflows, and definitions.
  • Quick-fire Quiz – can the audience spot any cheating and if so what “airbrushing has been employed?
  • A brief history of cheating, from the advent of photography through to present day examples.
  • Steven’s cheating examples, covering various techniques such as cloning, layers, replacing backgrounds, background blurring, motion blurring, and montages.
  • Steven debates the ethics of just how far should one go, using a theoretical example scenario.
  • More of Steven’s cheating examples, covering more advanced techniques such as using replacing skies, panoramas, high dynamic range, photo stacking, and variety of other miscellaneous examples.
  • Steven’s non-cheating examples, just to prove he doesn’t always fiddle ‘n’ diddle.
  • Final thoughts, including being fooled, ethics vs aesthetics, and what’s the limits.

Plenty of large prints to be viewed at the start of the evening and during the tea break.

Email Talks@StevenGalvin.Photography for more details.

COVID-19 UPDATE:  Steven is experienced in and happy to give talks and judge remotely using Zoom or any similar technology.