Panels & Triptychs, including LRPS Panels

Steven discusses the fascinating subject of panels and triptychs, displaying examples from a variety of sources, before recounting his own endeavours of how he finally attained his Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society.

The talk is designed to be given in a 2 hour period with a 10 minute tea break, and has the following structure:

Before the breakAfter the break
•  Introduction

•  History 

•  Suggestions, advice, & guidelines

•  Triptychs:
    •    Club competition examples
    •    My examples
    •    More examples
•    LRPS Panels:
    •    Process
    •    Submissions
    •    Criteria
    •    Success

•    My LRPS Journey:
    •    Advisory Day
    •    1st attempt
    •    2nd Attempt

•    Final thoughts

Plenty of large prints to be viewed at the start of the evening and during the tea break.

Email Talks@StevenGalvin.Photography for more details.

COVID-19 UPDATE:  Steven is experienced in and happy to give talks and judge remotely using Zoom or any similar technology.